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about us

Blue Anjou is a traditionally-inspired yoga studio offering a mixture of class styles, workshops, and yoga teacher training certifications.  We are the best kept yoga secret in North Texas.
We're really an inclusive community for green and seasoned yoga practitioners alike who are curious about or already embracing the traditional and spiritual aspects of this ancient practice.  We aren't "out there"; we are "right here in the moment".  We are not "new age"; yoga is as "old school" as it gets.  We offer a wide range of classes and services, some exclusive to Blue, as well as gift items for the earth-lover or dedicated yogi.  


At Blue Anjou, we are striving to design classes that are approachable and friendly. We at Blue Anjou are promoting a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere designed for the individual person.  We meet you where you are and guide you on your way.  You are your own guru; we just make it more fun to meet yourself.
Philosophies are like tail-ends, everyone has one, and all are useful and have merit.  We respect differing philosophies and would like to share ours.  We may not all agree, but that does not mean we cannot all live peacefully together.  We all have the same goals, just different ways of reaching them.  We have noticed that the growing trend in the industry is toward harder classes with a fitness slant.  


We totally dig fitness, but are worried that while the trend toward getting in shape is great, it has a few negative side-effects:

The fitness trend seems to be producing harder and harder classes. There is nothing wrong with a hard class, but in today's fitness atmosphere, even beginning classes are losing their focus on teaching and nurturing. And let's face it, in our society, we feel a certain pressure to push ourselves compete.  These harder classes can be intimidating for those of us who aren't - say - Madonna. Many times this implied competition pushes people beyond their ability which leads to injuries. And, we don't like injuries. Blue Anjou offers workshops and services to help deepen your practice and understanding of this wondrous tradition.

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