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private yoga

Blue Anjou services are all related to helping you enhance a holistic yoga practice. We offer a wide variety of services, which enrich your practice and improve your overall well-being, performed by certified practitioners who happen to be the same teachers you know and love from class. We will help you build your practice, recover from injury, or simply help you reduce your stress level in a one-on-one setting
by appointment.

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blue anjou corporate yoga

Blue Anjou offers Corporate Yoga Wellness Programs in the DFW and North Texas region. You can count on our RYT 200 and RYT 500 teachers to treat your employees with care and concern, as well as, provide a safe space for them to practice.

Yoga provides many health benefits for employees, as well as, the benefit to your company in supporting wellness practices for your employees' mental and physical care. 
For more information about arranging a Corporate Yoga Wellness Program please contact Lisa or call 469-645-8555.

ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic Consultations offer you tools in the areas of Diet, Exercise, Breathing Techniques, Meditation Methods, & more to help assist you in maintaining your most balanced state.  
Ayurveda Consultations are best used as a preventative and maintenance tool to deepen awareness and increase our enjoyment of life through simple to sweeping lifestyle changes, as the individual chooses.  We suggest an initial visit with a few follow-up visits in order to track progress.
*Ayurveda is not and cannot be considered a substitute for regular visits to your Primary Care Physician, and cannot be used to diagnose disease. Contact the studio directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.

contact us for corporate yoga pricing

Corporate Yoga
Ayurvedic Consultation
Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is for healthy women in their second and third trimesters. It is an excellent form of exercise helping women to enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It encourages you to trust in the wisdom of your changing body, as well as, connect with your child well before you meet face to face.


Attend one of our Hatha, Restorative, or Therapeutic and Adaptive classes. Inform the class teacher ahead of time if possible so he/she may prepare proper modifications for your practice. Please bring a release by your doctor or midwife to your first class.

Reiki Treatments

reiki treatments

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, evolved from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is the energy which is all around us. People seek Reiki Treatments for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Most people experience the Reiki Treatment as peaceful, calm, and relaxing, like a tune up for the soul.  There is no dogma attached to Reiki, the only prerequisite is the desire to be healed.

Reiki Treatments may vary depending on the practitioner's background.  The Reiki Treatment is done with the recipient fully-clothed and in a relaxed state. The practitioner gently places their hands in positions covering the whole body, treating the whole person, not specific symptoms.  Treatment times vary, but usually run between a half hour to an hour & a half, and Reiki is generally safe for most conditions.  Children and pets may also receive Reiki Treatments. However, Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment; rather a complement.
To schedule a Reiki Treatment, please contact us.

Yoga for Veterans

yoga for veterans

Blue Anjou would like to bring yoga into the lives of returning soldiers and military veterans to help you use your breath and body to release stress and adjust to life back at home.  We offer 4 free regular classes to our veterans, so that you may give yoga a try.
Where to start?  If you are brand new to yoga and would like to "ease in", we recommend you attend our Restorative Yoga & Meditation, Hatha Yoga & Restorative , or Therapeutic & Adaptive Yoga classes (see class descriptions here).  In particular, these classes are the gentlest on the body and designed to provide a relaxing and stress-relieving experience.

A very small pilot study conducted at Walter Reed Army Medical Center reports that Yoga Nidra relieved PTSD symptoms in soldiers returning home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep", is a guided meditative practice that cultivates calmness and invokes a deep, conscious sleep-state. 
We offer Yoga Nidra on the first Sunday of most months.
We hope you'll join us at Blue Anjou, and Thank you for your service to our country.

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